Sous Vide Tofu With BBQ Sauce


Today I spend experimenting with another tofu cook, this time I used sweet and smoky sauce. I cooked this Tofu for 185°F for 6 hours.

Note, I did not follow a particular recipe, I just took what I learned from the last time and tried improve it.

1 pack of extra firm tofu
Oil for frying
Your favorite barbecue sauce

1) Press and drain the liquid from the tofu. If you’re not sure how to, you can find multiple ways online to do this.

2) Cut the tofu in 1 inch planks


3) Fried tofu over high heat for about 2 minutes on each side, or until golden


4) Remove tofu and pat with paper towels


5) In a bowl mix the barbecue sauce with your tofu


6) Add tofu and any extra sauce into the bag

7) Cook for 185°F Fahrenheit for 6 hours


The results: I loved the texture and it tasted very good. But I think the garlic chili tofu is still hands down my favorite sous vide tofu recipe. For this recipe, the tofu did not soak up the barbecue sauce as well as I would have liked. My guess is because the sauce was fairly thick.

Anyway, it’s dinner time!