Boricua Tries It: The Butcher’s Son

Hey butcher, get me some slices of meatless meats!

So, I have been on a food review kick and The Butcher’s Son is next on my review list! For the past few weekends I have been hanging out in Berkeley, sniffin’ around for vegetarian eats. By the way, if you’ve got any suggestions or must-try places, please let me know in the comments.

Who’s ready for this food review?

Presentation: When I received my burger, several people at the restaurant turned their heads to sneak a peek at what was on my plate. Although everyone had impressive plates of food, mine was probably the most epic (nah, I ain’t bluffin’). But I mean, look at the plate. The burger must have been AT LEAST half a pound, with a bed of savory vegan bacon, and soft delicious vegan cheese. I was also impressed by how crazy real the burger patty looked like. I was REALLY REALLY CONFUSED.

Taste: I decided to go traditional and order a nice bacon cheeseburgers from The Butcher’s Son. No worries, everything on the plate was vegan. When I try vegan burgers, I do make sure to cut a piece of the patty, so my taste-buds aren’t distracted by all the mess that comes with a burger. The patty was meaty, savory, full of flavor, and SO GOOD. I have no idea how the hell they made this magic happen. It tasted so much like beef, I was like ???? wtf???? The cheese on the burger was mild, but had that nice fatty flavor cheese should have. The bacon – OH THE BACON. Although it didn’t quite taste like real bacon, the texture as pretty damn close to it. It had more of the softer type of bacon texture. The bacon was also tasty – I can definitely see myself ordering just the bacon.

Environment: The Butcher’s Son is a pretty small eatery. Because the place is so popular, and the space is so small, I suggest coming during a time when there might be less people. Luckily, I was able to snag a table. Just keep in mind that the place is a little bit uncomfortable – you’ll definitely won’t have room to spread out. But the food is worth it, so who cares how small the restaurant is.

Service: This is the kind of place when you order your food, pick up your tray of good stuff, and seat yourself. It’s a pretty casual place. Come with a t-shirt and stretchy pants.

Overall: This place is definitely a must-try.  The food was so good, I am looking forward to visit again this weekend. I am curious about the some of the chicken stuff they have!

I’ve got a secret: This place was so damn good, I was actually VERY close to ordering a second plate of food in the same day, but I decided it’s best to come hungry this upcoming weekend.