Tips to Transitioning Into Vegetarianism


For some of us, transitioning into a meat-free diet can be very difficult, especially if you grew up having chuleta every single night for dinner…

1 – Ease into it slowly

My transition into vegetarianism was gradual. Although I wasn’t sure at first if I’d ever want to be vegetarian, I though it was a good idea to slowly reduce my meat intake.

I went from eating meat at every meal, to having once a day, to having it only once a week. And then I quit cold turkey. It was easier that way for me because it wasn’t such a shock to my cravings or body. Personally, it continues to be a struggle, but I take it one day at a time.

Another way you can ease into it is by stripping away certain meats little by little. You can start with getting rid of red meats, then chicken, then fish.

2 – Try out vegetarian food substitutes

When you go veggie, you realize how many vegetairan meat substitutes, it’ll blow your mind. I’ve tried different products from Morning Star, Gardein, and Boca, and a lot of them area really freaking good. Especially the chicken stuff! I’d say start trying new things and see what sort of food substitutes your prefer. My favorite is definitely the chickn strips from Gardein. SO GOOD!

3 – Learn your way around the kitchen

If you know how to cook, being vegetarian will be EASY for you. I found myself experimenting more in the kitchen, especially with the meat substitutes. I’ve cooked and tried new things. Another great thing is that I have been adding more vegetables, which I am sure is doing great things for my health!’

Now, I’ve just got to figure out a vegetarian version of feijoada that’s just as good as the real deal. Looks like I’ve got a cooking project coming soon. 😉


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