Let’s Taco About Christmas Stuffers You Need


On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: a taco from a taqueria. Fallalalalaalaaaa.

Christmas, my all-time favorite holiday, is almost here! Right now I have two stockings up in my itty, bitty apartment. One is for me, the other is for my loved one. The stocking has already been stuffed with a few expected essentials.

But these stockings have to match my glorious, plastic tree — which is decorated very cool ornaments like an game controller and a wine bottle. Who can guess which belongs to who?

Anyway, I am super excited to stuff these stockings with things that don’t make sense, but totally make sense at the same time…TACO THINGS! Check out some cool things I found on Etsy (Warning: Etsy is super addicting and I will bear no responsibility for any drained bank account).

You may now proceed…

“Merry Tacos” Ugly Christmas Sweater


There’s obviously nothing ugly about this sweater. Buy it here.

Weird Taco Watch


That gato got taco swag! Buy it here.

Taco Chucks


These Chuck Taylors are kickin’ it with tacos. Buy them here.

Single, Taken, Tacos


Everyone’s heart should obviously belong to tacos. Buy it here.

Taco Purse


Sneaking food into the movies takes a whole new meaning. Buy it here.

If You Can Read This, Bring Me Tacos Socks


BRING THEM TO ME! Buy it here.

My Head Says Gym, But My Heart Says Tacos Tumbler


Gym, then tacos. Buy it here.

Laptop Taco Sticker


Doing work on your laptop never tasted so good. Buy it here.

Taco and Hot Sauce Matching Necklace Set


Only fancy tacos need apply! Buy it here.

Taco Truck


Okay, I know this can’t fit into a stocking. BUT WHO CARES. LOOK AT THAT TRUCK! Buy it here.


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