Boricua Tries It: Farro


It’s packed with fiber, you fool!

Today I went grocery shopping and I have been in search of some sort of rice that’s more filling that your typical white rice, or even brown rice. I scanned the rice aisle at Target and went in a dance – picking up and putting back different types of rice. Then I saw a thing called “Farro.” With more fiber and lower calories than its neighboring rices, I figured this must be something good. I picked up three packets (although I wish I picked up more).

Farro is an unprocessed whole grain that has many health benefits. Oh, and did I mention that it’s guaranteed to make you feel satisfied? It’s is of course vegan, but it is not gluten-free. The farro I got was a little bit pricey, but definitely worth it. So worth it, I am going to the store tomorrow to pick up at least a week’s worth. 😉

Here’s my review:

Texture: It has a very chewy texture, which I love. It make chewing pretty fun. Because you’re chewing so much, it makes you feel like you’re eating something truly hearty. Also, does anyone know if I can make a vegetarian burger out of these things? Excuse me as I do my research.

Taste: When I am not making something beautiful in the kitchen, I am quite the plain Jane. I didn’t add any seasonings or any extra things – so I guess this means I can give you my opinion without the mask of flavors. It’s pretty bland. But I didn’t care that it was bland. At least it didn’t taste like something awful.

Overall: I think that farro is my new bae. I am breaking up with you brown rice, farro has won my heart.


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