From Our Kitchen To Yours


Let me tell you how Thanksgiving looks in my household…

In my family, Thanksgiving is considered a more important holiday than Christmas. It’s a holiday where we are all expected to come together in peace and harmony. It’s a time when abuela takes out her expensive China and silverware for us to use for this particular day. There’s music, food, and coquito – lots of coquito!

We play our favorite salsa songs while the pernil sizzles in the oven (although I am vegetarian, I can still miss it – right!?). My tia makes her famous arroz con gangules and god knows what she does to it, because nobody can match her rice. It’s perfectly soft and shiny, with just the perfect about of pigeon peas. Her rice is never burnt, and it’s always consistent.

Then my mom brings the ensalada. And god bless my mom’s soul, but we hardly touch her salad, but we do appreciate the work she puts into it. She chops up iceberg lettuce, throws in a couple of tomatoes, and if she’s feeling creative, she’ll throw a handful of corn.

Our kitchen table brings in other popular Puerto Rican dishes like potato salad, pasteles, habichuelas, yuca, boiled banana, and abuela’s flan made by scratch. On top of that, we have our display of alcohol – wine and coquito to be specific. And half the time we’re hiding it from our tio.

For us, it’s about food, family, and fun. It’s a day that lifts our hearts and smile.

I hope your Thanksgiving is awesome.

Bowl of Beans xo


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