Happy Stuff-Your-Face-Giving!


Hello Friends!

I hope this year’s Thanksgiving is filled with love and food for all of you…

I will be celebrating this holiday with close friends, and I am very excited about bringing some tasty vegetarian treats. Since I do miss Puerto Rican food, some of the items on the menu will be pastelillos (empanadas) and arroz con gandules.

Arroz con Gandules

Arroz con gandules is a typical side for most dishes in the Puerto Rican cuisine. We make rice in different ways – white, with gandules, or with habichuelas. This recipe uses gandules. These are also known as pigeon peas. This recipe was actually handed to me by my aunt. And I’ve shared it with all of you.


Pastelillos (empanadas)

This is one of my favorite Puerto Rican snacks. They are relatively easy to make, and you can fill them with whatever you want. In the Puerto Rican cuisine, we usually stuff these with ground beef. But I’ve made a vegetarian version of picadillo/ground beef with using mushrooms. If you’re feeling lazy or just want something other than minced mushrooms, you can also use Smart Ground from Lightlife, which I highly recommend!


What are your plans for this Thanksgiving?

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