6 Things to Expect at a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving


A little secret: just make sure you don’t come empty handed. A bottle of rum will do just fine.

Here’s what you should expect and prepare for! 

1 – You’re going to get drunk

We usually got bottles on deck. There’s no such thing as a sober Puerto Rican party. And when Christmas comes around, we have spiked eggnog. Even the older folks will be wobbling the salsa in a drunken stupor.

¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!


 2 – You Had A Plate? You Better Get Seconds…

The pots are overflowing with arroz con gandules. We’ve got pasteles, abuela’s famous potato salad, and we have a pig roasting and sizzling in the oven. You gonna eat, mi amigo!

Gotta prepare for the alcohol binge, right? 😉


3 – Show Off Your Drunk Dance Moves

Dancing is important to us. Just learn the basics of salsa — if you can’t, just get drunk and blame the rum for your off-beat movements. Just have fun.

And you can always twerk to reggaeton and everyone will love you at the party.


 4 – The Party Won’t Start Until Everyone’s Drunk

…And that won’t take very long, trust me. You’ll probably be greeted with a few shots and a drink. If you’re an hour into the party and you’re not at least tipsy, you can depend on someone rushing up to you to get you to take shots.



5 – There Might Be That Creepy Drunk Tio

Just ignore him. He’ll go away once he’s drunk enough to crawl to the front of the bodega to bother the owners for cheap booze.

(That moment when you realize that drinking is like….essential)


6 – You’ll Feel Like A Part Of The Family

Puerto Ricans are experts at hosting awesome parties. We’ll make you feel like a part of the family. We’re a little loud, we love each other, we fight with each other, and we’re maybe a little crazy sometimes, but we know how important family is. And we’ll make sure you feel important and appreciated, too!

Welcome to the familia! 


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