Boricua Tries It: Chao Vegan Grilled Cheese

Vegan grilled cheese, coming right up!

I finally understand why Field Roast’s Chao Tomato Cayenne slices are always sold out at my local grocery store. The store seems to always have the Creamy Original in stock, but nothing else.

Lesson learned: Instead of doing shopping on the weekends, I might make a pit-stop to the grocery store on Mondays when these delicious cheesy things are beaming in their vegan, cheesy glory.

I am not huge fan of Chao’s Creamy Original or Coconut Herb slices. They aren’t terrible, but they are just my thing. So I decided to give Chao one last chance to win me over.

The Cayenne slices are so damn good. They even SMELL good. I decided that instead of masking their taste with other flavors, I’d keep it simple. I made a vegan grilled cheese sandwich with my beloved George Foreman.

Here’s the breakdown of what I thought about it:

Appearance: I love the deep orange look of the cheese. Remind me of good ol’ fashion cheddar cheese slices. They even look like real cheese slices – probably just a little bit thicker (totally not complaining).

Taste: I love these! I also love the cayenne kick that these cheeses give. I think they go perfectly with just about anything. These cheeses are by no means perfect, but they are good.

Texture: IT MELTS! And thus, made my grilled cheese amazing.

Comparison to Real Cheese: They don’t taste exactly like cheese, but they come pretty darn close. They are definitely creamier, heavier slices…which I appreciate. Because…who wants thin, flimsy slices of cheese, anyway?


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