Oh, So Fancy: Garnished Tostones

Made too many tostones? Problem solved.

I made a lot of tostones the other day, and I wanted to do something a little more creative with them. So, I thought, I can top them off with whatever I like just like you would with a cracker.

And, um, they are SO much better than crackers. You can put your favorite things on your tostones and eat them as a snack. For these, I topped them off with pieces of tomatoes and some (slightly melted) cheese. They were wonderful, you guys.

If you missed out, you can find my recipe for tostones here. They are super easy to make and totally worth it. It’s nice to have as a side or a snack.

Check out some ideas to top your tostones: 

  • Mango salsa + cilantro
  • Salsa + avocado
  • Mushrooms +cheese
  • Corn + beans
  • Hummus + shredded carrots

Enjoy 🙂

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